Some common Bootstrap tags (HTML elements with Bootstrap classes)

Some common Bootstrap tags (HTML elements with Bootstrap classes)
  1. <div class="container">: Creates a container with fixed width for layout elements.
  2. <div class="row">: Defines a row within a container to organize content horizontally.
  3. <div class="col"> or <div class="col-{breakpoint}-{number}">: Specifies column classes to create responsive grid layouts.
  4. <img class="img-fluid">: Ensures images are responsive and fluid within their parent containers.
  5. <button class="btn">: Creates a button.
  6. <a class="btn">: Creates a button-like link.
  7. <nav class="navbar navbar-expand">: Defines a navigation bar.
  8. <ul class="navbar-nav">: Defines an unordered list within a navigation bar.
  9. <li class="nav-item">: Defines a list item within a navigation bar.
  10. <form class="form">: Defines a form.
  11. <input class="form-control">: Creates an input field within a form.
  12. <label class="form-label">: Creates a label for form elements.
  13. <textarea class="form-control">: Creates a textarea input within a form.
  14. <select class="form-select">: Creates a dropdown menu within a form.
  15. <table class="table">: Creates a responsive table.
  16. <thead class="thead-dark">: Styles the header of a table with a dark background.
  17. <tbody>: Defines the body of a table.
  18. <tfoot>: Defines the footer of a table.
  19. <tr>: Defines a row within a table.
  20. <th>: Defines a table header cell.
  21. <td>: Defines a table data cell.
  22. <alert class="alert">: Creates an alert message.
  23. <badge class="badge">: Creates a badge.
  24. <card class="card">: Creates a card.
  25. <carousel class="carousel">: Creates a carousel/slider.
  26. <jumbotron class="jumbotron">: Creates a large showcase area typically used at the top of a page.
  27. <breadcrumb class="breadcrumb">: Creates a breadcrumb navigation for indicating the current page’s location within a hierarchy.
  28. <pagination class="pagination">: Creates pagination links for splitting content across multiple pages.
  29. <progress class="progress">: Creates a progress bar to show the completion status of a task.
  30. <badge class="badge">: Creates a small badge to highlight certain information, often used for notifications or labels.
  31. <spinner class="spinner-border"> or <spinner class="spinner-grow">: Creates a loading spinner animation.
  32. <modal class="modal">: Creates a modal dialog or popup window for displaying additional content or forms.
  33. <tooltip data-bs-toggle="tooltip" title="Tooltip text">: Adds a tooltip to an element.
  34. <popover data-bs-toggle="popover" title="Popover Title" data-bs-content="Popover Content">: Adds a popover to an element.
  35. <collapse class="collapse">: Creates a collapsible element that can be toggled to show or hide content.
  36. <accordion class="accordion">: Creates an accordion-style collapsible content area.
  37. <carousel class="carousel">: Creates a slideshow of images or content that cycles through items.
  38. <dropdown class="dropdown">: Creates a dropdown menu.
  39. <list-group class="list-group">: Creates a list group, useful for displaying lists of content.
  40. <media class="media">: Creates a media object for displaying images, video, or other media alongside textual content.
  41. <navbar-toggler class="navbar-toggler">: Creates a toggler button for collapsible navigation bars on smaller screens.
  42. <navbar-text class="navbar-text">: Adds plain text to a navigation bar.
  43. <navbar-collapse class="navbar-collapse">: Wraps collapsible content within a navigation bar.
  44. <navbar-brand class="navbar-brand">: Adds branding (e.g., a logo or brand name) to a navigation bar.
  45. <navbar-nav class="navbar-nav">: Wraps navigation links within a navigation bar.
  46. <pagination class="pagination">: Creates pagination links for navigating through multiple pages of content.

These are just a few examples of commonly used Bootstrap tags. There are many more components and utility classes provided by Bootstrap for building responsive and attractive web interfaces.

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