Graphic Design Course

Course Overview

The Graphic Design course offers a comprehensive exploration of design thinking and fundamentals, covering aesthetics, color theory, typography, and layout principles. Students gain proficiency in digital design tools, understanding the distinctions between pixel and vector formats, and applying CMYK/RGB color modes.

The curriculum delves into advertising and print design, emphasizing principles, layout, and advanced techniques, while concurrently building skills in advanced software use, branding, identity design, and digital imaging.

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Design Life Academy

Mastering the Dynamic Landscape

The course further extends to online and social media design strategies, concluding with an emphasis on in-depth Adobe Creative Suite exploration and the application of advanced design techniques, ensuring students are well-equipped with a diverse skill set for a dynamic career in graphic design.

  • Expert Instructors
  • Online / Offline Learning
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12 weeks of learning

You'll have a robust skill set, a refined design process, and a portfolio showcasing
your proficiency in advanced Graphic Design

Introduction to Design Thinking & What is Design?

  • Process of Design Thinking
  • Understanding visual appeal
  • Importance of aesthetics in design
  • Colors, Typography & Layout
  • Color theory and its application
  • Typography fundamentals
  • Principles of layout design

Introduction to Pixel & Vector

  • Understanding pixel-based and vector-based graphics
  • When to use pixel or vector graphics
  • Introduction to design software
  • Digital Art/Illustration
  • Vector-based drawing techniques
  • Color modes

Designing for Advertising / Print

  • Understanding advertising fundamentals
  • Identifying target audience
  • Creating effective print ads
  • Adapting designs for different print formats
  • Layout & Color Balance
  • Advanced layout design principles
  • Creative Ads Project

Advanced Design Techniques

  • Exploring advanced design methodologies
  • Incorporating design trends
  • Advanced features in Adobe Creative Suite
  • Professional design workflows
  • Designing with Online Resources
  • Utilizing stock images and templates

Branding and Identity Design

  • Anatomy of a logo
  • Creating memorable and versatile logos
  • Branding Elements and Applications
  • Extending brand elements across various media
  • Building a cohesive brand identity system

Advanced Photo Manipulation Techniques

  • Advanced retouching and manipulation
  • Composite image creation
  • Color Correction and Retouching
  • Advanced color correction techniques
  • Retouching for professional photo editing

Designing for Social Media & Online

  • Platforms and advertising opportunities
  • Design Strategy for Online Ads
  • Crafting effective online ad campaigns
  • Responsive design for various platforms
  • Social Media & Online Project
  • Applying design strategies

Advanced Software Skills

  • Advanced features and functionalities of Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign
  • Workflow integration between different software
  • Advanced Techniques in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign
  • Mastering advanced design techniques in each software

Artificial Intelligence in Graphic Design

  • Introduction & Overview to AI in Graphic Design industry
  • Impact of AI on creative processes
  • AI-Powered Design Tools and software
  • Generative Design & Enhance creative capabilities
  • Integration of NLP technologies into the design process
  • AI-Enhanced Photo Editing
  • Advanced photo editing techniques using AI-powered tools
  • Real-world applications in improving image quality and aesthetics
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